What are 5-Day Clubs?

5-Day Club is  a safe place for kids to have fun, make friends, hear interactive Bible lessons, sing songs, play organized games 
and learn more about God's amazing love for them. 
It’s an easy and fun way to connect with neighbors and be a light in your neighborhood and community.  

Who teaches 5-Day Club?

5-Day Clubs are taught by local high school and college aged students who attend CEF of IL missionary training .
Missionaries are trained, mentored, and equipped by CEF of IL leadership training school called Christian Youth In Action (CYIA). The CEF Missionary Training School is housed  at Camp Good News  in Washington IL.

Where do 5-Day Clubs take place?

5-Day Clubs primarily take place in parks, community centers, churches, and in church members backyards.

In the 1950's these clubs were called Backyard Bible Clubs!
 Sometimes  host churches like to participate in a three clubs a day 5-Day Club model. This means that  one or more churches in the community will secures three different locations for a club outreach in the community.

 For example one club in the morning , one in the afternoon and an evening  club for 5 consecutive days.  This is a powerful way to make a big impact for the kids in the community ...as well has making the church known to the kids and their families.
A public park is a great location for  a morning club  (10am-11:30am). The missionaries will take a short  lunch break. An afternoon club could be in a church members backyard who has children in the neighborhood.  Housing complexes and trailer parks are good locations for a 5DC. The evening club could be at the church or a community center.
The possibilities are many.

It is always encouraged for the host church members to start early in praying for 5DC , the missionaries and the children who will attend. Prayer walks throughout town and neighborhoods passing out invitation flyers will make huge impact for 5 days of none-stop fun and learning for the children. ( CEF provides the invitation flyers.)

What are the responsibilities of the host?

A 5-Day Club host invites children ages 5-12  to come to 5-Day Club and supplies a simple snack each day. CEF provides the host with club invitations and all the supplies. CEF trained summer missionaries bring every needed and conduct the club for a fun and meaningful 90 minute club for 5 consecutive days!

How can my church get involved?

We desire to partner with local Bible-believing churches to provide unique opportunities and child evangelism training for sharing the Good News of Jesus with the next generation. CEF seeks to ignite a renewed passion in church members to evangelize and serve the community where they are already meeting needs. There are many opportunities for your church to get involved!